About Us

We are excited about the 2010 lambing season here at Shadow Oaks Ranch, with our ewes being bred to Cool Hand Luke and Gold Dust. You are invited to check us out for your next club lamb or breeder. We think you won't be disappointed!

A Bit of Ranch History

We started raising sheep almost 20 years ago as a backyard flock with three suffolk ewes and a hampshire ram that my nephew owned. As sheep came up for sale in the local paper, I bought them. For quite a few years I really didn't know much about show lambs and had never heard of a wether sire or wether dam or even a club lamb.

Several years ago when the Gold Rush Sale came to Tulare, I talked to a lot of breeders and, after another fair with my lambs fninishing last in their classes, I came to a conclusion. I was spending too much money on the wrong breeding stockandgoing in all kinds of directions. I decided to either give up or get going. I sold off most of my ewes thea didn't work for what I was going to do. I then bought 10 new ews and our first Shadow warrior, Blue Shadow. He was a Jigsaw son from Beavercreek Club Lambs.

The next year we moved into the winners' circle! We didn't win, but we were there and there to stay. The next few years moved us forward to our first champions at fairs at both ends of the state. We have bred champions in fairs across the state for the last 7 years.